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Cisco & DELL  Authorized Reseller in Afghanistan Global Line LTD  (our trading name since 2016) is a leading integrator of sophisticated, innovative and leading edge Infrastructure business solutions that are based on Information, Communication and Office Automation Technologies. Cisco Partner in Afghanistan

Cisco Authorized Reseller in Afghanistan

THE COMPANY Global Line  LTD is the creation of local enthusiastic about ICT and the solutions that can be tapped and exploited for the benefit of home users, small business

Global line LTD Consulting is the training, consulting and research based service providing company that are working in a number of functional areas of research & surveys; monitoring & evaluation; project design, appraisal and management.

Cisco Authorized Reseller in Afghanistan

Communications over ICT Networks defines today’s business environment. Interaction with colleagues business Clients, suppliers, business partners and Internet data sources are regular and persistent.

Cisco Authorized Reseller in Afghanistan

About Company

Cisco Authorized Reseller in Afghanistan

DELL Authorized Reseller in Afghanistan

GLOBAL LINE LTD is an IT Company  with a focus on providing solutions in the field of Information and Communication Technologies. We ensure technology support for organizations throughout their IT infrastructure management lifecycle.

Our expertise spans across the domains of – Network & IT Infrastructure Services, IT Infrastructure Security Services, Information Access, Unified Communications, Infrastructure Management Lifecycle and Managed Services.

Deploying Innovative technologies efficiently, we enable enterprises leverage IT to achieve and enhance operational efficiency, speed, cost efficiency and productivity. With standard best practice template solutions guiding every design, we deliver projects on time and in the most efficient manner.

  • Global Line LTD was founded in 2016



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Today’s cybersecurity experts use up to 50 vendors to protect their networks. Multiple vendors and multiple products lead to needless complexity. And to gaps in threat defense.Cisco security products work together. They deliver effective network security and incident response. And they boost IT productivity through automation.We have integrated a comprehensive portfolio of security technologies to provide advanced threat protection. Our technologies include next-generation firewalls, intrusion prevention systems (IPS), secure access systems, security analytics, and malware defense. We offer web and email security, network security,

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