Introducing Cisco Crosswork

                 Cisco Crosswork


The first closed-loop, mass-scale automation solution that embraces multivendor networks. Built on the proven foundation of open APIs in Cisco Network Service Orchestrator and WAE, Cisco Crosswork now incorporates advanced data consolidation, machine learning, event correlation, and change automation down to the individual network slice and soon even across domains. 

Cisco Crosswork is about being proactive, not just in actions, but in vision. It’s about enabling networks to ultimately self-heal, self-optimize, and self-protect, by repairing and optimizing infrastructure from the inside – without interruption or human intervention.

Mass awareness

Collecting information from every corner of your network. Across your network, in near real time, at mass scale.

Augmented intelligence

Constantly and excessively evaluating the collected data for you. Finding the outliers—the red flags and soon-to-be red flags—and letting you know.

Proactive control

Staying ahead of things. Becoming more efficient and secure. So you can do one thing at once, for once.

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